Multi Mobile technologies Nokia N75 Black

The Nokia N75 Black has UMTS / GSM 850 /
900 / 1800 / 1900 network. The Nokia N75 is the smallest multimedia
personal computer, offering digital music playback, high quality photography, telephony and
wealthy World wide web communication. This enjoyment device doubles as a mini Television
display, for optimized viewing of streaming and downloaded video clips.
Featuring MPEG-four video capture and playback in landscape mode, the Nokia N75
delivers an instant video expertise with audio recording.

The Bluetooth cell telephone Nokia N75 Black phone digital music
player has easy controls on the cover of the device, and the reflective
1.36″ shade cover display guides you to your music, which is usually just a

button press away. The intelligent handset Nokia N75 Black cellphone has supporting a
multitude of various formats, such as MP3, M4A, AAC, eAAC+ and WMA, the
sophisticated digital music player includes an equalizer, perform checklist, shuffle and
repeat functions for a direct connection to compatible online music providers.
The smart cell telephone Nokia N75 Black results in a sharp, prepared to print
2-megapixel (1600 x 1200 pixels) photographs – pick the very best images by
previewing them as a slideshow through the 2.4” display with up to 16 million

The unlocked cell telephone Nokia N75
Black boasts up to forty MB of consumer memory in addition to a 2 megapixel
camera, Mini Map web browsing technologies, a generous two.four” display and
access to Cingular mobile video entertainment with Cingular services. The smart
handset Nokia N75 Black lets you appreciate streaming AT&T Tv and Radio, or surf
the Internet or e mail at close to-broadband download velocity. In addition to enjoying
downloaded music and ripped CDs, the Nokia N75 also contains a stereo FM radio,
permitting you to listen to your favourite talk or music radio stations via
your compatible headphones or through the integrated 3D stereo speakers.

The smart cell telephone Nokia N75 Black has Bluetooth, a
developed-in music player and FM stereo with excellent sound, a two. Megapixel
camera/camcorder, and an expandable memory card slot. With all this in a thin,
eye-catching shell, customers may locate that the Nokia N75 Black spends a lot more time in
Nokia N75 Black customers hand than in your pocket. Please buy on the internet

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